IP Address Overview

IP Address Overview IP Addressing:- Internet Protocol Address (IP Address) is an unique address. IP Address is logical address. It works on Network Layer (Layer3). Any device connected to any network must have an unique ID or IP Number with in the network.
IP Address Overview
Example:- Mobile Phone have unique ID or IP Number, Computer have IP Address or MAC Number and Satellite have also a IP Number to communicate.

Two Versions of IP Address
#IP Version 4 (IPV4) – 32 bit Addressing.
#IP Version 6 (IPV6) – 128 bit Addressing.

1) IP Version 4:- IPV4 have 32 bit address and also 32bits are divided into 4 octects known as Dotted Decimal Notation. IPV4 providing roughly 4 billion unique IP Addresses.


2) IP Version 6:- IPV6 have 128 bit address. It is also divided along 16 bit boundaries and each 16bit block is converted to a 4 digit hexadecimal number and separated by colon –hex notation. IPV6 providing roughly 340 trillion unique IP Addresses.

Example:- DCFG:B8A9:4565:FGV7:3210:77DC:BA99:3212

Loopback IP Address:- The Loopback IP Address is used to call itself. It is used to check or test a Network Interface Card (NIC) who install in local Machine.

Example:- Open command Prompt type ping hit enter.

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