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Introduction Linux

History Of UNIX
Linux OS Operating System Inherit by Unix OS. Unix OS implemented in the 1960s and first released in 1970 under GNU GPL Project. 1 January 1970 Brian Kernighan Found very good software for client & Networking purpose. He gave the name UNIX, that time the first Operating System written in 100% C Language and released in 1973.
Introduction Linux
A famous professor Andrew Tanenbaum developed Minix, a simplified version of UNIX that runs on PC. Minix is for class teaching only. No intention for Commercial use.

History Of LINUX
In Sept 1991, 23 year old Linus Benedict Torvalds, a second year student of Computer Science at the University of Helsinki (Finland), developed the preliminary kernel of Linux, known as Linux version 0.0.1
Introduction Linux 1
Introduction LINUX
# October 5th 1991, Torvalds sent a posting to the comp.os.minix newsgroup announcing the release of Version 0.0.2
# January 5th 1992, Linux Version 0.12 was released, an improved, stable kernel.
# The next release was called Version 0.95, to reflect the fact that it was becoming a full-featured system.
# Torvalds released version 0.12 under the established GNU GPL General Public License.
# The Red Hat distribution, by commercial vender Red Hat Software, Inc. is one of the most popular distribution. With a choice of GUI and Text-based installation procedures.

Some Other Information
# XOS and Linux OS are Unix-like OS Operating System.
# 96.8% servers of Linux till 2009.
# In 1981 launch MS-DOS 1.0 version.
# In 1985 introduce first (GUI) Graphical user interface based OS win 2.0
# Red Hat OS is very popular Server OS and Ubuntu is very popular Desktop OS.
# Linux have FREE and Commercial Editions.
# Red Hat Free Edition is Fedora and Commercial Edition is RHEL.
# RHEL Free edition is Cent-OS.

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