What is Active Directory (AD) ?

Active Directory (AD) Overview
Active Directory AD is a database of Services, Resources, Users and Groups. Active Directory AD is a centralize database of object and provide centralize authentication in Microsoft networks.
What is Active Directory (AD)

Active Directory Benefits:-
#Active Directory AD can organize hierarchically.
#We are modify and managing the system anywhere in the network like Server 1,2,3 etc.
#Single access for users - User can access resource anywhere in the Network like mail server, file server, printer etc.
#ADDS Active Directory Domain Server can trust any other OS like linux, unix.

AD New Features:-
#RODC Read Only Domain Controller - RODC support inbound replication and did not support outbound replication. Users can’t create and modify the object’s in the RODC server. Only accept all changes in other server and also change in RODC server.
#Restart ADDS as a service in Server 2008.

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