LINUX Hard Disk Partition Overview

LINUX Hard Disk Partition Overview :- Hard Disk mostly have a two type of cables IDE and SATA connector cables and linux unix has define the Hard Disk with these names.
LINUX Hard Disk Partition Overview 1
Here two type of Partition
# Primary
# Extended ( logical )

We create 4 primary partition maximum and when we need more then 4 partitions then 4 primary partition can extend into other partition.
Example :-
Primary Partition => hda1, hda2, hda3, hda4
Logical Partition => hda5, hda6, hda7
LINUX Hard Disk Partition Overview 2
Recommended Partition Size
To install Linux main 2 partition are required. When we install the Linux OS in our PC or Laptop machine then we create two type of partition.
# Native
# Swap

Native :- Install file system min-size 10GB, Hard Disk Format ext4 and Mounting Point / (forward slash).
LINUX Hard Disk Partition Overview 3
Swap :- Twice the RAM size but Maximum 4GB.

Information about [root@localhost~]# and $
root :- Username.
localhost :- Machine Name.
~ :- Home directory of logged user.
# :- Login with Super User
$ :- Login with local User

In Linux 5 console are work on CLI and 1 console work on GUI. We can increase these console into 63 consoles.
[root@localhost~]#tty :- tell us which terminal we working.

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