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Type of Computer Networks

Type of Computer Networks :- There are different types of Network on basic of Geographical area or some are use by government, banks, offices etc. The following are the type of computer networks: PAN Personal Area Network, CAN Campus Area Network, HAN Home Area Network, LAN Local Area Network, MAN Metropolitan Area Network, WAN Wide Area Network etc.

Local Area Network:- LAN are used to connect device very close Geographic area such as computer lab in my school, in a building, offices etc. LAN maximum data transfer rate of 100 MB/Sec or LAN range is 1 KM in diameter and LAN allow users to share storage devices, printers, application etc.
Type of Computer Networks - 1
Metropolitan Area Network:- MAN is a large computer network which extends to a city or to a large university campus. For example cable TV networks. MAN maximum data transfer rate of 100 MB/Sec or MAN cover the 5 to 50 KM in diameter area.
Type of Computer Networks - 2
Wide Area Network:- WAN covers large geographic area such as state or country. WAN built to connect multiple MAN and LAN network. WAN cover the hole world and the world’s most popular WAN is the internet.
Type of Computer Networks - 3

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