What is Computer Network? Benefits

What is Computer Network :- Network is group of nodes connected to each other using a communication medium. The medium can be wired and wireless. A node is a device which capable to send and receive information over the network.
What is Computer Network? Benefits
These are best advantage of Networking:-

#Share high-speed Internet:- we just plugging one computer into high-speed Internet connection, So Everyone can be connected to the digital world at the same time.

#File Sharing:- we share file use some disk space over the network. Like my computer have songs folder and i am also share it over the network.

#Resources Sharing:- when we connected over the local network we share a printer, storage device, webcam etc.

#Program Sharing:- it means one computer have MS Office then we share the MS Office program over the network.

#Financial Benefits:- small computer have better price to performance ratio as compared to large ones.

#Access to a Remote Database:- this mean user can book an air ticket from one country to another because many of country are sharing there database.

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