Open Source Software / Hardware (OSS / OSH)

Open Source Software / Hardware :- (OSS / OSH) is a computer software/hardware for which the source code and Blueprint of hardware are published.And made available to the public, enabling anyone to copy, modify and redistribute software / hardware without paying royalties or fees.
Open Source Software / Hardware (OSS / OSH) 1
Open Source Licenses
# Apache License
# BSD License
# GNU General Public License
# Mozilla Public License
# Eclipse Public License
# Open moko
# Open RISC

List of Linux Operating System
There are Desktop and Sever OS. In LINUX have almost 375 distributions and more.Red Hat OS is very popular Server OS and Ubuntu is very popular Desktop OS. Linux have FREE and Commercial Editions. Red Hat Free Edition is Fedora and Commercial Edition is RHEL. RHEL Free edition is Cent-OS.
Open Source Software / Hardware (OSS / OSH) 2
Some popular Linux Operating System are :-
Red Hat
Kali Linux

Linux FREE and Commercial Editions
We already know Linux have FREE and Commercial Editions. In this the major different FREE and Commercial Editions is vendor support. RHEL Commercial Editions have vendor Support and support will be Security Support, OS Loop hole Support, OS Application Tools Configuration Support, OS Application Tools Update Support.

OS Application Tools example are Network and Desktop related application tools some are DNS Server, NFS Server, Samba Server, Telnet, SSH Server, Apache Server, LVM etc.

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