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What is Sniffing

What is Sniffing :- Sniffing is a data interception technology. Sniffing is generally referred to as a passive type of attack and difficult to detect.
What is Sniffing
Sniffing involves capturing, decoding, inspecting and interpreting the information. The purpose is to steal information usually User ID, Passwords, Network Details, Credit Card Number etc.

Sniffing Ethical Usage
# Packet Capturing.
# Network Traffic usage and analysis.
# Packet conversion for data analysis
# Network troubleshooting.

Sniffing Unethical Usage
# User identity and password stealing.
# Email or instant message data stealing.
# Packet Spoofing

Type of Sniffing Attack
# MAC Flooding
# DNS Poising
# ARP Poising
# DHCP Attack
# Spoofing Attack
# Password Sniffing

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