What is Sniffing

What is Sniffing
§  Sniffing is a data interception technology.
§  Sniffing is generally referred to as a passive type of attack and difficult to detect.
§  Sniffing involves capturing, decoding, inspecting and interpreting the information.
§  The purpose is to steal information usually User ID, Passwords, Network Details, Credit Card Number etc.
What is Sniffing

Sniffing Ethical Usage
§  Packet Capturing.
§  Network Traffic usage and analysis.
§  Packet conversion for data analysis
§  Network troubleshooting.

Sniffing Unethical Usage
§  User identity and password stealing.
§  Email or instant message data stealing.
§  Packet Spoofing 

Type of Sniffing Attack
§  MAC Flooding
§  DNS Poising
§  ARP Poising
§  DHCP Attack
§  Spoofing Attack

§  Password Sniffing

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