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What is Ethical Hacking

What is Hacking :- Hacking is a process to find out or identifying weakness in our Computer and Networks System.
What is Ethical Hacking
Who is Hacker :- A person who enjoy modifying system function. Hacker have excellent knowledge about Computer and Network whole system Architecture. Hacker better know that how to computer system and computer network work.

Type of Hacker
# White Hat :- These call also a Ethical Hacker they find out the weakness in Computer or Network Systems and they can also fix it.Some Organization give permission to White Hat Hacker to find out the weakness in there Computer or Network Systems.
# Black Hat :- They can gain unauthorized access to computer or network systems for personal gain. They steal many type information like login password, bank account details etc. They also known as Cracker.
# Grey Hat :- They work like White Hat Hacker but some time they steal information for personal gain just like Black Hat Hacker.
# Script kiddies :- A non-skilled person who gains access to Network and Computer Systems using already made tools. They have basic knowledge about Computer or Network Systems.
# Phreak :- They are find out weakness in telephones.

What is Ethical Hacking
Some Organization beak there own Computer and Network Systemsthey are find out the weakness in there Netwock or Computer Systems. Ethical Hacker have full Permission (authorize) for the Hacking in there Organization.

Type Of Hacking Attack
# Passive Attack:- This type of attack difficult to detect and it is a dangerous type of attack but they can be prevented.
# Active Attack:- Active Attack are difficult to prevent because they require protection of all communication facilities and paths at all times.

What is Cyber Crime
Cyber-Crime is the use of computers to perform illegal activities such as stealing companies data, stealing user name or password, bank account, ATM number or passwords etc.
What is Cyber Crime
Type of Cyber Crime
1. Scams.
2. Identity Theft.
3. Remote Administration Tools.
4. Social Engineering.
5. E-Mail Bombing.
6. Virus Attacks.
7. Software Piracy.
8. Cyber Stalking.

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