What is Network Devices

What is Network Devices :- Computer Networking devices can communicate two or more different network without these Devices network communication can’t be possible.

Type of Network Devices :-
# Repeater
# Hub
# Bridge
# Switch
# Router
# Proxy
# Firewall

1) Repeater :- A Repeater is an electronic device that receives a signal and re-transmits it at a higher level.
What is Network Devices - Repeater

2) Hub :- A Hub is a device for connecting multiple Ethernet devices (host). Hub can broadcast the message. Hub work at the Physical layer of the OSI model. Type of HUB are Passive Hub, Active Hub, Intelligent Hub.
What is Network Devices - Hub

3) Bridge :- A Bridge can connects more than one network segment. Bridge can managing the flow of data between first two layers.
What is Network Devices - Bridge

4) Switch :- A Switch can links Network Segments or Network Devices.
What is Network Devices - Switch

5) Router :- A Router can forwards data Packets between different Computer Networks.
What is Network Devices - Router

6) Proxy :- A Proxy Server is a Server that acts as an intermediate for requests from clients seeking resources from other Server.
What is Network Devices - Proxy

7) Firewall :- A Firewall can either be Software or Hardware based and is used to help a network secure. It control the Incoming and Outgoing Network traffic by analyzing the data packets.
What is Network Devices - Firewall

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