What is Footprinting

What is Footprinting
Footprinting is a process to find out and gathering target all valuable information. Footprinting is the first step taken by hackers to hack a computer system or network. We Gathering information using Footprinting.

Finding a Company's Details, Domain Name, Internal URLs, Server Details, Domain Registration, Finding the range of IP Address, Security Types Firewall etc.

Two Type of Footprinting:
i)                  Active Footprinting
ii)               Passive Footprinting

Active Footprinting
i)                  Download all available website contents for offline analysis -  using some tools like Teleport pro and Imiser. When whole website copied offline then find out the vulnerability and loop hole in website.
ii)               Email Tracking - Gathering target Email information using some tools like Email Tracker pro and MSGTAG. Here we find out the IP address, who send the Email, Sender location etc.
iii)            Server verification - Here we check the server is online or offline, how many router are using in attacker to target network path using some tools like Ping, Tracert, Sam Spade etc.

Passive Footprinting
Passive Footprinting is a method in which the attacker never makes any contact with the target. The attacker find out the information using search engine like Google, Yahoo and Bing.
i)                  Search Engine - inurl:, intitle:, site:, filetype:
ii)               Whois queries - Find out Owner IP address, Email, Phone Number, Domain Age etc.
iii)            DNS Lookup

iv)            Social Networking Sites – Gathering Target all Bio data from Social Site like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+ and Pinterest etc.

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